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The Commission Process

1. Submitting your Order and Collecting References - Once you’ve filled out the Commission Form, send it to ( - Reference photos can be attached directly to the email, sent as a Pinterest board, or even linked to a cloud folder. - References can include photos, drawings, written descriptions, specific poses, color palettes, expressions, music, etc. Tell me about the characters/subject and what excites you about the illustration. These can all help me achieve a more perfect finished piece. - Alternatively, if you’d like me to take liberties, I will, but the revisions will be no more liberal than described later in this agreement. - I will respond as soon as possible, and if I cannot take your commission immediately, your spot in the queue is still held. I will give an approximate wait time, of course.


2. Invoice and Payment - Payment must be 100% upfront - I will send the invoice only when I am ready to start your commission to reduce the gap between payment and delivery. - I will send a PayPal invoice to your provided email. It can be paid with your PayPal balance or with your debit/credit card. - If you’d rather pay immediately, let me know - I can consider installments for commissions of $100+. - While PayPal invoices allow tips, these are not expected but, of course, much appreciated.


3. Thumbnails - I’ll send you four (4) thumbnails based on your description. - You’ll choose one you’d like me to move forward with. - I can make minor changes to the thumbnail you decide in the sketch phase. - If none work at all, we’ll discuss why, and I’ll do another set of 4 for a $15 fee, which must be paid before moving forward.


4. Detailed Sketch - I’ll send you a detailed sketch of your chosen composition. - You can request edits related to the details that might be wrong.

For example, hairstyle isn’t quite right, piercings on the wrong side of the face, or slight body language changes. - I can also add details here that might have been forgotten during reference collection.


5. Inks - I do not typically check in with inks. But I can at your request. - Acceptable edits at this stage must be related to the inks/line art of the piece. (Page 4 of 4) @breindigo


6. Coloring - I’ll send a copy with roughly applied colors; you’ll let me know if they work or if you’d like any changes to the color palette. - I’ll finalize the illustration and deliver a low-resolution version for any final edits. - Acceptable edits at this stage must be related to the color and finish of the illustration.


7. I will invoice for additional charges made during the art-making process.


8. Once all payments are made, I will send you a 300 dpi/high-resolution file (jpg, png, or/and pdf) to your email! Congrats, we finished :D!! Please keep in mind that we can discuss future edits if you ever want to have the art retouched.

For example, For a DnD character that has changed a lot or something similar!

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