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Greetings! Thanks so much for your interest in ordering personal art from me.

I’m excited to re-open my order inbox because I miss bringing your ideas to life! It is always a pleasure collaborating with you and making one-of-a-kind pieces of personalized art.

Please read the Terms of Service and Commission Process before sending your email to

$10 Patrons = 15% discount $5 patrons = 10% discount All other patrons = 5% discount Commission request form Please answer all these points to the best of your ability. The more detail the better :) 1. Subject: Head shot, Waist up, or Full body 2. Completion: Refined Sketch, Inked, Flat color, or Rendered 3. Number of Characters? 4. Do you have a specific Setting/Background in mind? (Solid color/Pattern background included) 5. Attach all visual and written References, and describe the scene you’re picturing. 6. Please tell me a bit about the character(s) I’ll be drawing. 7. Would you like me to provide progress art along the way? 8. Do you have a Deadline? 9. Do you need payment installments? (If $100+) 10. Invoice email, if different from the one you’re communicating with. 11. If you are a Patron, what is your screen name? This is verify your discount. 12. What are your social media screen names, if you wish to be tagged when I when I share publicly.

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